Do I need a tailor to take my measurements?

Nope.  You don’t need a tailor, only a good friend and a measuring tape.  We will send you instructions on exactly how to take your measurements.  The process will take between 5-10 minutes.  The information we need is the measurements for your bust, waist, and hips, and also your height in heels or the shoes you’ll be wearing for the wedding.  We ask a few other sizing questions to double check your measurements and identify any possible issues.


How do I submit my measurements?

After you place your order, you will receive a Fit Form via email.  It will walk you through exactly what measurements to take, how to take them, and how to send them to us.


Can I use the measurements of a dress I own?

No, the dresses are customized to fit you, not another dress.  The fit of a dress you own might not be the same as the fit of the styles we offer.  We use your unique body measurements to create a pattern specifically for you.


Can I just look up a size chart of a brand that I know fits?

Sizing across the entire fashion industry varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and size charts are not the true garment measurements.  If you have questions or concerns when taking your measurements, please reach out to us at  We are always here to help.  


I am planning to lose a significant amount of weight between now and the wedding.  Should I estimate my measurements for my goal size?

We highly recommend against estimating your measurements.  It is less expensive and always feels better to alter a dress to make it smaller than to make it bigger. 


How do I ensure my measurements are accurate?

Follow the instructions in our Fit Form and you can’t go wrong.  And in the unlikely event that your dress needs minor alterations, our alterations reimbursement has you covered.


How do I know what style is best for me?

We can definitely help with that!  Contact us at  We are experts at helping women choose the right dress style for them. We’ve even had bridesmaids send us pictures of themselves in their favorite dress and used that to help them pick the perfect dress!

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