What is the Wedding Party Planner?

Simply put, it is our way of taking the hassle of organizing your bridesmaids’ dress orders off your shoulders. While it may sound simple enough, there is always one bridesmaid who forgets to place their order or orders the wrong color.  And someone always has a bunch of questions she wants to funnel through you – why not let us answer those questions directly (we love to do it!).  By registering your event with us, we can deal with all the logistics by working directly with your friends to ensure they get picture perfect dresses in plenty of time for the wedding!  We assume that you’ve got other wedding details to worry about — let us take this off your plate.  Register your Wedding Party here.  


I’m sold on this Wedding Party Planner, how does it work?

Once you pick out the dress option(s) you like, simply fill out this quick online form.  Give us their contact details and answer a few questions about what and when they should order.  After you hit submit, we take over. We will reach out to them to answer any questions they might have, give them fit advice, and ensure they get their measurements correct.  We will also send friendly reminders as their order deadline approaches.  We will only loop you in if we’re getting down to the wire and can’t get ahold of them.


When do my bridesmaids need to place their order?

We recommend ordering at least three months before the wedding date.  As every dress is made specifically for each of your bridesmaids, it takes between 8-10 weeks from the time of order to the time of shipment.  Shipping takes between 2-3 days.  We do not recommend getting the dress less than 2-3 weeks before the wedding date.  Trust us, in the few weeks leading up to your wedding, the last thing you want to worry about is bridesmaid dresses.



In order to have a perfect color match across every dress in your party, we must manufacture the dresses from the same roll of fabric.  Because fabric coloring is affected by everything from humidity to the weave of a particular batch of fabric, each time fabric is dyed, it turns out a subtly different shade.  If everyone in your party orders their dress within 48 hours, we guarantee the dresses will be made from the same roll of fabric and all be exactly the same color.  If you use the Wedding Party Planner, and all dresses are ordered at similar times, we will manufacture the dresses in the same batch and guarantee a perfect color match.


I have an expecting bridesmaid, will this work for her?

Unfortunately we do not offer maternity style dresses at this time.  In the past expecting bridesmaids have worn our dresses, however, whether this option will work for your friend depends on many factors.  Email us at hi@unionstation.com and we can help determine if this will be a good option for your party.


Can I receive a fabric swatch before placing my order?

Yes!  We encourage ordering fabric swatches first to ensure that the color is just what you want.  You can order swatches here


I don’t have time to read all these questions and answers, what is the TL:DR version?

Register your wedding party at least three months prior to your wedding and we will make sure your bridesmaids order their dresses on time.  We take over from there.  To ensure color consistency, we will get their orders in within 48 hours of each other.  We make every dress custom to their measurements and will compensate up to $35 for any additional alterations needed.  We will treat your friends, like our friends and ensure they get a dress that they feel great (and can dance) in. You can cross this off your list . . . we’ve got this handled.

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